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Veeam v10 – What I am excited about

This has to be one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of Veeam for a good number of years!

There are a number of great new features that v10 brings:

One thing that really caught my attention (and as a Veeam customer, I am highly anticipating) is the Immutability feature within AWS S3 buckets. You might be asking, “What is this feature and how will it help me in the real world?”

As IT pros, we are ultimately responsible for the data on our systems. When we suggest a product, it has to deliver, or it’s our reputation on the line. We have enough challenges to keep us busy, so let’s not let data availability be one of them.

Immutability: What is it and why do we care? Immutability is the guarantee that NO one or thing can change the data within a set time period. This is especially useful to keep that data safe from internal and external threats.

Well, Cloud Tier Immutability can help with this. How? With Veeam v10, we can move a copy of our data up into an AWS S3 bucket with Object Lock enabled. Your data will be locked for a set amount of time, and no one, not even the AWS root user, can delete or overwrite this data.

This is very cool! I personally believe that could finally be the modern solution that will help us all move away from tape! But maybe that’s just me being hopeful.

There are plenty of other features coming out in v10. The Veeam Vanguard have listed their top picks here.

Veeam v10 is due to be released on the 18th of February 2020.