What’s All This About Then?

A couple of years ago I was recruited into the NetApp A-Team and suddenly a new world was opened up to me of blogging and being social. In truth, I never thought I would be the sort of person to open myself up to the world and share my opinions and experiences.

This is a huge step forward and for that, I have to thank the encouragement of my fellow A-Team members bringing me out of my shell and pushing me to be better.

I am not an expert and I wouldn’t claim to be because in my experience there is always someone out there who is smarter than you! What I am hoping to achieve is to give my viewpoint with the hopes that it will be relatable. Hopefully, we can share war stories and all learn a thing or two.

What is the NetApp A-Team I hear you asking? We are a group of passionate techies who just love technology but especially NetApp! I would highly recommend that you follow us on Twitter #NetAppATeam to keep updated on all things NetApp as well as things that I am discovering along the way!

I hope you will join me on the journey, that said sit back relax and grab a beer!

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