Who is Matt?

Based in Liverpool, UK. Matt has over a decade of IT experience and has been working with NetApp since 2016. He is currently working in a niche industry providing scientific support to the commodities industry. He takes the old adage to heart Jack of all trades master of some. His various roles have led him to dabble in many different areas of technology.

He is a member of the NetApp A-Team. This unique group of individuals are passionate about NetApp technology as well as technology in general.

When he’s not designing and implementing IT infrastructure at work, he can be found in front of his BBQ/smoker working on perfecting the perfect smoked delights. He’s also an animal lover, with a whole farm’s worth of critters in his back garden. Matt would say he’s an “urban chicken keeper, a Jack Russel tamer, and a rabbit wrangler.”

The Throughts of Matt

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